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08 Dec 2017
Music To Remember 2017

Favorites - Albums

  • A Place I’ll Always Go - Pale Hound
  • Capacity - Big Thief
  • Communicating - Hundred Waters
  • It Gets More Blue - Girl Pool
  • Memories are Now - Jesca Hoop
  • Moonshine Freeze - This is the Kit
  • Rocket - (Sandy) Alex G
  • Toy - A Giant Dog
  • What Now - Sylvan Esso

Favorites - Songs

Google Music Playlist

  • Ghost - Jay Som
  • Up In Hudson - Dirty Projectors
  • Only to Live in Your Memories - Night Moves
  • Alaska - Maggie Rogers
  • Bobby - (Sandy) Alex G
  • Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays (2014)
  • Gossamer Thin - Conor Oberst
  • Darling - Real Estate
  • Thinning - Snail Mail
  • Simon Says - Jesca Hoop
  • Coming Down the Mountain - Mipso
  • Clay - The Garden
  • Love Is - Dude York
  • Texas Girls and Jesus Christ - Trevor Sensor
  • It Gets More Blue - Girl Pool
  • The Cause - Laura Gibson (2016)
  • Tenderness - Adult Mom
  • Mushaboom - Feist (2004)
  • Man of Oil - Animal Collective
  • Slip Away - Perfume Genius
  • Rise and Fall - Morning Teleportation
  • Golden Harvest - Rob Quist (2016)
  • Bury Your Heart - EZTV
  • No Coffee - Amber Coffman
  • Mythological Beauty - Big Thief
  • Haley - Big Thief
  • Objects - Big Thief
  • Mary - Big Thief
  • Die Young - Sylvan Esso
  • Boyfriend - Marissa Hackman
  • Leather & Lace - Radiator Hospital
  • Moonshine Freeze - This is the Kit
  • Drop the Guillotine - Peach Pit
  • Bike Dream - Rostam
  • Country - Porches
  • Sorry Is Gone - Jessica Lea Mayfield
  • Particle - Hundred Waters
  • Love is Love - Woods
  • Rattlesnake - King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
  • Nobody Speak - DJ Shadow (feat. Run the Jewels)
  • This Old Dog - Mac DeMarco
  • Hit Me Baby - Slothrust
  • 123 - Girlpool

Don’t Forget These Ones Either


  • HEAVN - Jamila Woods

Assorted Indie and Alt:

  • Antisocialites - Alvvays
  • Everything is Forgotten - Methyl Ethyl
  • Tenderness - Adult Mom
  • Salivating for Symbiosis - Morning Teleportation
  • Sorry Is Gone - Jessica Lea Mayfield
  • Not Even Happiness - Julie Byrne
  • Elastic - Amy O
  • MASSEDUCTION - St. Vincent
  • Powerplant - Girlpool


  • Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors
  • Half Light - Rostam
  • Joli Mai - Daphni

Like many people, I developed a strong affinity for a certain set of artists as an adolescent. Half a dozen bands from this set released new music this year: The Fleet Foxes, Real Estate, Wavves, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear. Back in January I thought the new works by these artists would surely be among my favorites of 2017.

They were not. The Crack Up lacked the magic of previous albums by the Foxes. This year’s Real Estate album sounded like they trained a deep neural network on all the old Real Estate songs and had it generate “new” music. Julian Lynch joined the band presenting them with an opportunity to reinvent their sound, but they fell flat. Animal Collective has been deep on the experimetnal half of their stylistic pendulum’s arc since MPP. David Longsreth, of the Dirty Projectors, washed up in LA and hijacked his band’s name to put out a breakup album. It’s a good album, but it’s by David Longsreth not the Dirty Projectors. Mild grievances aside, I did enjoy listening to all of these albums. The experience just lacked the magic of youthful discovery that I associate with these artists.

Against my expectations many new names, Big Thief, This is the Kit, Jesca Hoop, Pale Hound, and A Giant Dog were the bands I actually couldn’t stop listening to. Am I just another information age citizen addicted to the fresh and the new? Or do most popular artists only have one or two spectacular albums in them before the well runs dry? Maybe all contemporary music is shallow and grows tiresome after only a few years?

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