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31 Jan 2016
Trip to Northern Thailand

Sa wat dee khrap! All of the bowing seemed goofy to me at first but I grew to like it by the end of my two week stay. Even Ronald McD joined in.

There was a temple on every block! This is a Buddha Hall in Wat Pho in Bangkok.

In Chiang Rai you can see the White Temple, an eccentric artists modern interpretation of Buddhism in Thailand…

…and another artists interpretation at the Black Temple across town.

The food in Thailand was as amazing as we had hoped. So good that we decided to take a cooking class on one of our last days.

Here is the result of my labor: Green Curry, Tom Yum Kung (Coconut Shrimp Sour) and Sweet and Sour Tofu.

We went to some “Flower Festivals”. I had low expectations but they ended up being basically real world recreations of Disney movie sets containing tens of thousands of flowers, including the largest and most various display of Orchids I have ever seen.

We took a trip to a mountain village known for its cultivation of tea (and it’s former cultivation of opium…).

It just tastes like leaves…

Artists from the Lanna Kingdom which formerly ruled what is now Northern Thailand draw their faces with some serious sideways glancing, and curved eyebrows. Combined I can’t help but imagine that these dudes are up to some serious trickery.

Here is a longer album of photos.

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