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07 Jul 2015
Jots and Photos From London

I recently visited London for 48 hours after a 7 day beamtime at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron. So that I may remember them, here are the things I jotted down during those hours and some accompanying photos.

  • Airplanes appear to hang eerily stationary above the horizon when viewed from an observer on a moving train and if that observer has been awake for more than 24 hours.

  • This exists, but they only sell lunch and do not host aquatic themed parties:


  • Hyde park hosts serious equestrian activity to this day. I saw these guys from accross The Serpentine lake (my picture sucked so this if from They are called the “Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery”.


  • The park has five miles of horse tracks


  • And there are stables tucked in alleyways near the park:

Ross Nye Stables

  • After fighting through mobs of tourists I walked by Buckingham Pallace and happened to catch these guys playing Auld Lang Syne while marching through the barracks next to the pallace. Great tone, greatest hats.


  • The British dress formally. From schoolchildren to train station custodians, they love to wear ties and hate to wear t-shirts.

  • I heard dozens of languages being spoken. New York is international too, but not nearly as much as London.

  • All sorts of people bike the streets of London, not just hard core commuters or messengers. Motorists seemed to tolerate all of the cyclists (at least I didn’t see any incidents).

  • Fold-up cycles accounted for a third of the bikes I saw, and another third were the ‘Boris-bikes’ that we call ‘B-cycles’ in madison.

  • I saw tons of runners with backpacks. Is jog-commuting the new trend?

  • Americans are way fatter than Europeans.

  • Free Wi-Fi was everywhere: hotels, buses, trains, airports… In the states it seems that coffee shops are really the only free hotspots. Most others require payment.

  • Tourists love selfie-sticks.

  • I think I saw more people on the tube reading print news than on their smart phones.

  • Drunk Germans are Loud as Fuck. This seems to be a recurring theme in my trips to Europe…

  • The British Museum was awesome, but signs like this made me a bit uncomfortable because most of this stuff was sort of stolen from it’s home countries:


  • Favorite drinking vessel from the BM collection:


  • Favorite feasting utensil (“Flesh hook”):


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