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18 Feb 2015
Double Exposure

by Bridget Birdsall

Double Exposure Cover

Double Exposure is an outstanding example of contemporary YA fiction. This book should be in high school classrooms across the country. It tackles issues of gender and sexuality through the eyes of a relatable and life-like 16 year old who was born intersex. No book I have read can better convey how contrived our societies gender boundaries are. The book highlights the damaging effects that gender and sexuality related bullying and assault can have on our youth. It also demonstrates how institutions, assumptions and traditions can be just about as damaging as outright bullying when they try to squash adolescents fragile identities into predetermined moulds. All of this carried within Bridget Birdsall’s clear, engaging and sometimes witty writing, and within a basketball championship plot that should be appealing to distractable high school youth. Send this book to school board members near you, and buy a copy for the 14 year olds in your life.

Within the genre: 4.5/5

My reading: 4/5

Disclaimer: I know this author in my personal life

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